It’s clear to anyone that change has been a constant thing in the last decade, and we can see the evidence of this first-hand in the technology industry. We have seen the offshoots of this change in things such as blockchains or cryptocurrencies and these are just two examples!

With the introduction of blockchains and cryptocurrencies came NFTs, a widely popular concept where people sell digital items like art for a certain price. In this blog post, we will be going through key information on Autoglyphs NFTs so you can be better informed.

Autoglyphs Background

The first thing you need to know about Autoglyphs is the fact that it is based on Generative Art which has been around since the 60s. Generative Art is when an artwork is created using a completely autonomous response which results in a complete artwork. This artwork is generally done via a computer where the computer makes decisions the artist would usually make. The result of this is a unique artwork every time the computer completes a project. By combining this art style with the blockchain, artists are able to create hundreds of unique artworks which buyers can purchase as an investment. While many have capitalized successfully by using on-chain generative art they owe thanks to Autoglyphs who was the first to popularize on-chain art.

What are Autoglyphs?

While the history of Autoglyphs describes them as an innovative project in on-chain generative art, you need to look beyond that in order to understand them on a deeper level. In a technical sense, Autoglyphs uses generative art to create its artwork however this is done via complex algorithms. These algorithms have an ERC-721 interface which helps in creating different unique artworks. Autoglyphs was the first of its kind on the Ethereum blockchain and have since made a self-contained mechanic for creating and keeping ownerships on the artwork you generate.

Creators of Autoglyphs

Another aspect of information people want to know is, who are the creators of Autoglyphs?Two Canadian software developers by the names of John Watkinson and Matt Hall are the ones who laid the foundation for Autoglyphs.

Technical Foundation for Autoglyphs

Autoglyphs NFTs have been created with an algorithm based on the ERC-721 standard which is generally followed for non-fungible tokens. However, ERC-721 mainly focuses on the ownership of assets that are stored off the chain. This is where Autoglyphs differs in that it uses the algorithm to create the artwork allowing it to remain on the blockchain rather than in off-chain storage.

All artwork is unique and generated by coding on the Ethereum blockchain, making Autoglyphs an interesting experiment in itself. When Autoglyphs first launched in 2019 they helped anyone wanting to create the glyphs and store their artwork on the blockchain At this time there was a minting fee of 0.2ETH which had to be paid to the charity organization which used the money to fight against climate change. banner