The most popular technological intervention in the present day for digital transformation is represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs have shown substantial potential in transforming the gaming industry.

You will learn more about the benefits of NFT games from the discussion below.

How and why do NFT games become famous?

This game combines traditional gaming features with brand-new gameplay mechanics to create a unique gaming experience. A large part of the functionality of new and upcoming NFT games is to offer players more control over the in-game assets. Because of their tamper-proof and unique nature, NFTs are frequently used for digital assets. There are options for players to create or breed characters, earn and unlock exclusive items, and purchase digital assets on the third-party or native markets.

NFT games with the most fans

There are many advantages to NFT games compared to conventional precedents in the gaming industry. Players of top NFT games can earn assets in-game and profit by selling or distributing them. The following is a list of some of the top titles on a current NFT game list.

  1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity uses blockchain technology for its gameplay. Breeding and collecting digital creatures, known as Axies, is the first goal of players. Thematically, Axie Infinity is similar to the Pokemon series. With Axie Infinity, players compete against one another using Ethereum. Moreover, they can discover the advantages and disadvantages passed down from Axies to descendants.

Before you can begin playing the game, you need to collect three Axies, and the prices for the Axies depend on their rarity and uniqueness. A key aspect of one of the top NFT games is the indigenous ERC-20 utility token, Smooth Love Portion, or SLP. 

Players get credits as rewards for completing missions, playing adventure modes, or participating in player versus player battles.

  • CryptoKitties

In terms of play-to-earn games with a bit of fun, CryptoKitties is a top contender. The game is simple and is based on Ethereum.

You have to collect and breed cats on digital platforms. The game showcases the unique attributes of digital cats. A special feature of CryptoKitties is that you can buy, sell, or breed virtual kittens through its marketplace.

  • Gods Unchained

The free-to-play game Gods Unchained incorporates elements of NFT into a traditional card game. Cards can be picked up either by purchasing them from other players or winning them in matches. The game focuses on both tactics and skills.

  • F1 Delta Time

One of the top choices among the upcoming NFT games is F1 Delta Time. Users can play in different racing tournaments similar to those found in Formula One games. You can collect race tracks, cars, drivers, tires, and trinkets. Various racing qualities of collectibles are available, and they are made in limited quantities only. There are also rarity tiers for tradable collectibles.

  • Splinterlands

It’s just another card game with similarities to God’s Unchained. By playing new games, players can earn rewards. For starting the game, players must purchase a set of cards and reveal the cards they took in the game. You can also participate in missions and take on other players in combat once you are comfortable with the cards. You can earn more cards based on the results of your missions.

To sum up

Initially, NFT games may not be your first option. However, they have transformed your perception of gaming. They enable you to earn money from your efforts. 

Players can generate, breed, or collect their assets in the most popular NFT games. Since unique assets or collectibles are rare, players can expect favorable returns. Because of their value, NFT games can change your perception of gaming. banner